Seamens & Seamans Family Tree My Family

Seamens Family<o ":p">

1. Joseph Seamens ref: 82, occupation Labourer.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

2. i Charles b. 1853 Approx.<o ":p">

Second Generation<o ":p">

2. Charles Seamens b. 1853 Approx, England, ref: 83, occupation Traction Engine Stoker, m. 15-Sep-1873, in Parish Church, St. Paul, Middlesbourgh, Isabella Bett, b. 1851 Aprox, Inverkeithing, Fife, (daughter of David Bett and Elizabeth Crichton) ref: 84, d. 14-Aug-1910, 33 James Place, Dunfermline, Fife, buried: Dunfermline Cemetery.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Elizabeth Haldane b. 18-Jul-1872, Preston Cresent, Inverkeithing, Fife, ref: 85, occupation Damask Weaver, m. 1-Jan-1897, in 27 James Place, Dunfermline, Fife, Benjamin Pender Russell, b. 24th Dec. 1872 Approx, (son of Alexander Russell and Jane Pender) ref: 978, occupation Plumber (Journeyman).<o ":p">

3. ii Charles b. 3-Oct-1876.<o ":p">

4. iii Helen Bett b. 29-Jan-1880.<o ":p">

5. iv David Bett b. 23-Apr-1883.<o ":p">

6. v Joan b. 27-Nov-1885.<o ":p">

7. vi William b. 7-Feb-1889.<o ":p">

Mary Ann Seamens born 30th April 1874, 9 Harrison Street, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough. Died 24-Jan-1877 King Street, Inverkeithing

Third Generation<o ":p">

3. Charles Seamens b. 3-Oct-1876, King Street, Inverkiething, Fife, ref: 86, occupation Colliery Under Manager, m. (1) 19-Jul-1901, in Crown Hall, Dunfermline,(Baptist Church), Eliza Russell Martin, b. 26-Apr-1882, Woodmill Street, Dunfermline, (daughter of David Martin and Catherine Latta) ref: 90, occupation Weaver, d. 21-May-1910, Crossgates Station, Dunfermline, m. (2) 29-Jan-1915, in 18 East Row, Cowdenbeath, Helen McGregor, b. 1891 Approx, (daughter of James McGregor and Helen Royce) ref: 94, occupation Housekeeper, d. 1935, Kirkcaldy, Fife. Charles died 12-Apr-1963, Kirkcaldy Hospital, Fife.<o ":p">

Children by Eliza Russell Martin:<o ":p">

i Catherine Galloway Latta Seaman b. 13-Sep-1901, 17 Campbell Street, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 93, m. Herman Muller, ref: 1060.<o ":p">

SSN 237-01-1593 Residence: 28081 Kannapolis, Cabarrus, NC USA
Born 13 Sep 1901 Last Benefit: 28081 Kannapolis, Cabarrus, NC USA
Died Oct 1980

SSN 237-01-0027 Residence: 28081 Kannapolis, Cabarrus, NC USA
Born 22 Oct 1904
Died 14 Nov 1995

ii Isabella Bett Seaman b. 22-Aug-1903, 33 James' Place, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 787, d. 29-Jan-1904, 33 James Place, Dunfermline, Fife.<o ":p">

8. iii Charles b. 11-Apr-1907.<o ":p">

9. iv David Martin b. 13-Jan-1909.<o ":p">

Children by Helen McGregor:<o ":p">

10. v James McGregor b. 20-Feb-1916.<o ":p">

vi William McGregor Seamens b. 17-Nov-1917, 1 East Row, Hill of Beath, Fife, ref: 789, d. 5-Feb-1920, Fever Hospital, Dunfermline.<o ":p">

11. vii Joseph b. 9-Jan-1921.<o ":p">

viii Helen Mary Seamens b. 16-Mar-1923, Rose Cottage, Hill of Beath, Fife, ref: 97, occupation Housekeeper, m. 28-Oct-1948, in Dunfermline Reg. Office, William Fernie Kinninmouth, b. 1924 Approx, (son of Andrew Kinninmouth and Ann Fernie) ref: 100, occupation Ploughman. Helen died 23-Jan-2002 at home in Kinghorn<o ":p">

4. Helen Bett Seamans b. 29-Jan-1880, Nr. Queensferry, Fife, ref: 87, occupation Pirn Winder, m. 18-Jul-1902, in 27 James Place, Dunfermline, James Walton, b. 1881 Approx, (son of Ebenezer Walton and Elizabeth Smith) ref: 763, occupation Loom Tenter. Helen died 31-Jul-1970, USA.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Isabella McLean Bett Walton b. 12-May-1904, 15 Downieville Cresent, Dunfermline, ref: 1073, occupation Mayor of Raleigh, NC, USA, died Feb. 13, 2002 SSN 244-26-9394 Residence: Raleigh, Wake, NC 27607 m. C.M Cannon, ref: 1108.<o ":p">CLAUDE MARCUS CANNON (b. 13 Jun 1896 per Cat. Cems, Vol. 5; d. 18 Feb 1954 Cat. Co., NC & buried at Claremont Cem. per Cat. Co. Cems, Vol. 5).


12. ii James b. 4-Jun-1909.<o ":p">

13. iii Helen MacRae.<o ":p">

5. David Bett Seaman b. 23-Apr-1883, Foundray, Inverkiething, Fife, ref: 88, occupation Coalminer, m. (1) 31-Mar-1911, in Crossgates, Dunfermline, Janet Gibson Lawson, b. 1885 Approx, (daughter of Adam Lawson and Sarah Taylor) ref: 773, occupation Weaver, d. 19-Nov-1922, Pleasance Road, Dunfermline, m. (2) 15-Aug-1931, in 30 Holyrood Place, Dunfermline, Fife, Margaret Kinnell, b. 1895 Approx, (daughter of Alexander Kinnell and Elizabeth Haxton) ref: 781, occupation Warp Winder.<o ":p">

Children by Janet Gibson Lawson:<o ":p">

14. i Charles b. 30-Jun-1912.<o ":p">

15. ii Sarah Eve b. 11-Apr-1915.<o ":p">

16. iii Isabella Bett b. 21-Jul-1916.<o ":p"> d. 2005

17. iv Adam Lawson b. 9-Oct-1920.<o ":p">

Children by Margaret Kinnell:<o ":p">

v David Bett Seaman b. 31-Jan-1932, Pleasance Road, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 834, d. 28-Jan-1933, Pleasance Road, Dunfermline, Fife.<o ":p">

vi Elizabeth Haxton Seaman b. 18-Mar-1933, Pleasance Road, Halbeath, Dunfermline, ref: 835, occupation Shop Assistant, m. 2-Apr-1955, in The Church, Mossgreen, Fife, Peter Fleming, b. 1928 Approx, (son of John Fleming and Elizabeth Johnston) ref: 989, occupation Blacksmith.<o ":p">

18. vii William b. 9-Aug-1935.<o ":p">

6. Joan Seaman b. 27-Nov-1885, James Town, Inverkiething, ref: 313, occupation House Keeper, m. 1-Jan-1906, in 27 James Place, Dunfermline, Fife, William Rennie, b. 1887 approx, (son of Adam Rennie and Ann Malcolm) ref: 767, occupation Coal Miner. Joan died 27-Aug-1923, 16 Woodend Place, Cowdenbeath, Fife.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Ella Rennie b. 1906 approx, ref: 1118, d. 31 May 1908, Dunfermline, Fife, buried: Dunfermline Cemetery.<o ":p">

ii Adam Rennie b. May 1908, ref: 1119, d. 8 Jun 1908, Dunfermline, Fife, buried: Dunfermline Cemetery.<o ":p">

7. William Seaman b. 7-Feb-1889, 53 Pittencrieff St., Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 89, occupation Coal Miner, m. (1) 28-Oct-1910, in Elgin Terrace, Dunfermline, Fife, Julia Philp, b. 1891 Approx, (daughter of Robert Menzies Philp and Jane McFarlane) ref: 770, occupation Weaver, d. 25-Aug-1921, 233 Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline, m. (2) 24-Nov-1922, in 5 Transy Place, Dunfermline, Janet Campbell, b. 1895 Approx, (daughter of John Campbell and Margaret Wotherspoon) ref: 779, occupation Pirn Winder, d. 17-Jun-1962, 16 North Drum St, Kelty, Fife. William died 1965, Kelty, Fife.<o ":p">

Children by Julia Philp:<o ":p">

19. i Charles b. 6-Jun-1911.<o ":p">

20. ii Jane McFarlane b. 4-Jan-1913.<o ":p">

iii Robert Philp Seaman b. 10-Nov-1919, 233 Pittencrieff St., Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 830.<o ":p">

iv William Seaman b. 21-Aug-1921, 233 Pittencrieff St., Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 790, d. 31-Aug-1921, Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline.<o ":p">

Children by Janet Campbell:<o ":p">

v David Campbell Seaman b. 13-Jan-1927, 13 East Row, Hill of Beath, Fife, ref: 885.<o ":p">

vi Janet Campbell Seaman b. 12-Oct-1931, 26 Montrose Cresent, Lochore, Fife, ref: 886, d. 24-Jul-1955, Springfield,.<o ":p">

vii Walter Campbell Seaman b. 11-Jan-1933, 26 Montrose Crescent, Lochore, Fife, ref: 887, d. 1933, Lochore, Fife.<o ":p">

Fourth Generation<o ":p">

8. Charles Seaman b. 11-Apr-1907, 6 Main St., Hill O Beath, Fife, ref: 91, occupation Hotel Waiter, m. 17-Jul-1930, in 53 George iv Bridge, Edinburgh, Bella Helen MacDonald, b. 4-Oct-1911, 102 High Street, Ardersier, (daughter of Donald MacDonald and Marjory Main) ref: 101, occupation Domestic Servant, d. 23-Mar-1978, Edinburgh,. Charles died 19-Aug-1993, Fort William, buried: Corpach Cemetery.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

21. i Marjory MacDonald b. 7-Dec-1931.<o ":p">

22. ii Charles Donald Mcdonald b. 8-Oct-1936.<o ":p">

iii David MacDonald Seaman b. 25-May-1939, 10 County Buildings, Ardersier, ref: 103, d. 1940, Arderseir, Inverness_Shire.<o ":p">

23. iv Gordon Miller b. 7-Oct-1946.<o ":p">

9. David Martin Seaman b. 13-Jan-1909, 18 East Row, Hill O Beath, Fife, ref: 92, occupation Colliery Manager, m. (1) 17-Jul-1931, in Cavins Manse,Foulford Rd,Cowdenbeath, Jane Caithness, b. 1912 Approx, (daughter of William Caithness and Eliza Melville) ref: 671, occupation Barmaid, m. (2) 21-Dec-1972, in Alloa Reg. Office, Clacks., Mary McLean Taylor, b. 12-Jan-1912, Cadder, Lanarkshire, (daughter of James Taylor and Grace Bulloch) ref: 901, occupation Home Help. David died 14-Dec-1986, 8 Craigton Cresent, Alva.<o ":p">

Children by Jane Caithness:<o ":p">

24. i Charles Martin b. 13-Nov-1931.<o ":p">

25. ii Betty Melville Caithness b. 18-Feb-1937.<o ":p">

10. James McGregor Seamens b. 20-Feb-1916, 18 East Row, Hill of Beath, Fife, ref: 96, occupation Electrician, Merchant Ser, m. 5-Apr-1940, in 34 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, Janet Bennett, b. 1920 Approx, (daughter of Robert Bennett and Margaret Cowan) ref: 99.<o ":p"> Jim died July 2001 in a nursing home in Leslie.Janet died the following year 2002.

Children:<o ":p">

i James McGregor Seamens b. 20-Jun-1950, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 921, d. 1950.<o ":p">

ii William Bennett Seamens b. 20-Jun-1950, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 922, d. 1950.<o ":p">

11. Joseph Seamens b. 9-Jan-1921, Rose Cottage, Hill of Beath, Fife, ref: 95, occupation Cocktail Barman, m. 19-Apr-1949, in Registras Office, St. Giles, Edinburgh, Ellen Keatings, b. 1921 Approx, (daughter of Thomas Keatings and Annie Duffy) ref: 98, occupation Dispense Barr Attendant Ellen died 5 July 1999, Auchterarder and Joe died 13 Nov 1999, Auchterarder.<o ":p">

Ashes of both scattered at Latitude -4.08602 Longitude 56.31956


Children:<o ":p">

26. i Brian Charles Joseph b. 28-Feb-1952.<o ":p">

ii Francis Michael James Seamens b. 7-Feb-1954, 40 Smith Methven Street, Perth, ref: 705, d. 27 Mar 1996, Berlin, Germany.<o ":p">

Ashes scattered at Latitude -4.08602 Longitude 56.31956


12. James Walton b. 4-Jun-1909, Beveridgewell, Dunfermline, ref: 1074, m. Margaret Barbee, ref: 1109.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

27. i James.<o ":p">

28. ii Steven H..<o ":p">

29. iii John B..<o ":p">

13. Helen MacRae Walton ref: 1146, m. James Hughes, ref: 1148.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Dean Bett Hughes ref: 1149, m. George Bender, ref: 1161.<o ":p">

ii James Hughes ref: 1150, m. Susan, ref: 1162.<o ":p">

iii Sandra Hughes ref: 1151, m. James Satterfield, ref: 1163.<o ":p">

14. Charles Seaman b. 30-Jun-1912, Halbeath, Dunfermline, ref: 831, occupation Motor Salesman, m. 15-Feb-1935, in The Manse, Mossgrun, Dalgety, Fife, Betsy Taylor, b. 1916 Approx, ref: 859, occupation Weaver. Charles died 1978, Kirkcaldy, Fife.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

30. i David Bett b. 9-Sep-1935.<o ":p">

31. ii Charles Taylor b. 8-Mar-1937.<o ":p">

iii Margaret McKenzie Taylor Seaman b. 21-Sep-1938, 5 Long Row, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 890, m. (1) 12-Dec-1956, in Kirkcaldy reg. Office, Alexander Pow, b. 1931 Approx, (son of Alexander Pow and Mary Holland) ref: 993, occupation Dockyard Worker, m. (2) 20-Jun-1980, in Dunfermline Reg. Office, Kenneth John MacFarlane, b. 2-Jun-1947, Scotland, (son of Johan MacFarlane) ref: 996, occupation Forklift Driver/Storeman.<o ":p">

iv Janet Gibson Lawson Seaman b. 23-May-1944, 5 Long Row, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 968, occupation Admirelty Clerical Office, m. 21-Jul-1962, in Viewfield Baptist Church, Dunfermline, Donald Trevor Sinclair, b. 1942 Approx, (son of Donald Carmichael Sinclair and Eva Violet Parker) ref: 1000, occupation Electrical Fitter.<o ":p">

v Elizabeth Taylor Seaman b. 19-Feb-1947, Maternity Hospital, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 969, occupation Police Woman, m. 19-Dec-1970, in Viewfield Baptist Church, Dunfermline, Robert Duncan MacPherson, b. 1949 Approx, (son of John MacPherson and Jessie Jamieson McCallum) ref: 1009, occupation Police Constable.<o ":p">

vi Joan Taylor Seaman b. 31-Jan-1950, 49 Rod Street, Halbeath, Dunfermline, ref: 970.<o ":p">

15. Sarah Eve Seaman b. 11-Apr-1915, Pleasance Rd., Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 774, occupation Domestic Servant, m. 26-Apr-1933, in 30 Holyrood Place, Dunfermline, Fife, James Stark Stewart, b. 1913 Approx, (son of James Stewart and Elizabeth Bewick) ref: 784, occupation Hair Dresser.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i James Stark Stewart b. 12-Nov-1933, Back of Yards, Inverkiething, Fife, ref: 923.<o ":p">

ii David Seaman Stewart b. 4-Feb-1935, Danoar, Grieve Street, Dunfermline, ref: 924.<o ":p">

16. Isabella Bett Seaman b. 21-Jul-1916, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 832, occupation Waitress, m. (1) 26-Apr-1935, in The Manse, Inverkiething, Fife, Charles Burnett, b. 1915 Approx, (son of Charles Burnett and Robina Thomson) ref: 860, occupation Plumber, m. (2) 29-Mar-1947, in Edinburgh Reg. Office,, John Ogilvie Thomson, b. 1921 Approx, (son of Stuart Thomson and Annie Craighead) ref: 981, occupation Rubber Mill Worker.<o ":p">

Children by Charles Burnett:<o ":p">

i Janet Anne Lawson Burnett b. 18-Oct-1935, West Fife Hospital, Dunfermline, ref: 928.<o ":p">

17. Adam Lawson Seaman b. 9-Oct-1920, Pleasance Road, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 833, occupation Painter, m. (1) 1-Apr-1949, in Registras Office, Wick, Caithness, Williamina Jack Sutherland, b. 1928 Approx, (daughter of David Sutherland and Christina Manson) ref: 902, occupation Waitress, d. Pre 1955, m. (2) 28-Dec-1955, in Registras Office, Wick, Caithness, Margaret Ann Miller Sutherland, b. 1932 Approx, (daughter of David Sutherland and Christina Manson) ref: 904, occupation House Keeper. Adam died 1983, Thurso, Caithness-shire.<o ":p"> Margaret of 5 Oldfield Court Thurso died 16th May 2011.

Children by Williamina Jack Sutherland:<o ":p">

i Joan Jack Seaman b. 7-Oct-1949, 23 Swanson Street, Thurso, Caithness, ref: 965, occupation Cook, m. 8-Oct-1971, in West Church, Thurso, Caithness, John Alexander Bridge, b. 1946 Approx, (son of John Alexander Bridge and Margaret Swanson) ref: 1012, occupation Electrician.<o ":p">

ii David Bett Sutherland Seaman b. 29-May-1951, Dunbar Hospital, Thurso, Caithness, ref: 903, occupation Tyre Fitter, m. (1) 16-Jun-1978, in Parish Church, Reay, Caithness, Helen Isabella Gunn Harper, b. 23-Oct-1958, Scotland, (daughter of Donald Harper and Helen Gunn) ref: 1017, occupation Typist, m. (2) 29-Jan-1988, in Inverness Reg. Office,, Amanda Constance Stewart, b. 5-May-1967, (daughter of Angus John Stewart and Mary Elizabeth Smith) ref: 1018, occupation Community Project Officer.<o ":p">

Children by Margaret Ann Miller Sutherland:<o ":p">

iii Sally Seaman b. 18-Dec-1956, 25 Royal Terrace, Thurso, Caithness, ref: 966, occupation Shop Assistant, m. 11-Oct-1980, in West Parish Church, Thurso, Caithness, John Morrison Lawson, b. 18-Sep-1951, Scotland, (son of William Alexander Lawson and Catherine Elizabeth Morrison) ref: 1024, occupation Chief Bank Clerk.<o ":p">

32. iv Laurence Manson b. 11-May-1964.<o ":p">

v Andrene Lynn Seaman b. 24-Dec-1966, Dunbar Hospital, Thurso, Caithness, ref: 967, occupation Receptionist, m. 14-Oct-1988, in Thurso Reg. Office, Caithness, James Kevin Gillan, b. 15-Sep-1949, England, (son of Alexander Watson Gillan and Alice Mary Crocker) ref: 1027, occupation Sales Director.<o ":p">

18. William Seaman b. 9-Aug-1935, Pleasance, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 836, occupation Coalminer, m. 1-Apr-1960, in The Abbey, Dunfermline, Fife, Joan Mitchell Anderson, b. 1934 Approx, (daughter of John Anderson and Joan Mitchell) ref: 953, occupation Grocers Shop Assistant.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Jane Seaman b. 9-May-1961, Maternity Hospital, Dunfermline, ref: 954, occupation Typist, m. 28-Mar-1983, in The Abbey, Dunfermline, Fife, Iain Scott Robertson, b. 27-Jan-1962, Scotland, (son of Thomas Barron Robertson and Jean Calder Burns) ref: 1031, occupation Coalminer.<o ":p">

ii Laura Seaman b. 18-Jan-1964, Maternity Hospital, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 955, occupation Auxiliary Nurse, m. 13-Nov-1984, in St Leonards Parish Church, Dunfermline, Keith John Martin, b. 5-Aug-1962, Scotland, (son of John Beecroft Martin and Jeanette Ann Morrison) ref: 1034, occupation Process Operator.<o ":p">

iii Margaret Seaman b. 8-Jan-1966, Maternity Hospital, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 956, occupation Personal Secretary, m. 19-Aug-1989, in The Abbey, Dunfermline, Fife, Geoffrey Alexander Werner, b. 17-Aug-1961, (son of Gerhard Werner and Alexandrina Orr) ref: 1037, occupation Qualified Ambulanceman.<o ":p">

19. Charles Seaman b. 6-Jun-1911, 35 James's Place, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 828, occupation Coalminer, m. 27-Mar-1936, in St. Andrews Church, Lochgelly, Fife, Sarah Allan, b. 1919 Approx, (daughter of David Henderson and Grace Allan) ref: 863, occupation Pithead Worker. Charles died 1975, Dunfermline, Fife.

Children:<o ":p">

i Gracie Allan Seaman b. 26-Oct-1936, 9 Cumnor Place, Lochore, Fife, ref: 891, m. 17-Apr-1954, in Edinburgh Reg. Office,, Ralph Turnbull Brown, b. 1935 Approx, (son of John Fowler Brown and Margaret Smith) ref: 986, occupation Private, Royal Army Ord.<o ":p">

ii William Seaman b. 21-Jul-1938, 112 Waverly Street, Lochore, Fife, ref: 892.<o ":p">

33. iii David Storrar Henderson Allan b. 13-Jun-1943.<o ":p">

34. iv Robert Young Duffy b. 18-Nov-1954.<o ":p">

20. Jane McFarlane Seaman b. 4-Jan-1913, 35 James' Place, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 829, occupation Chambermaid, m. 9-Sep-1932, in 3 St. John Street, Edinburgh, Fred Ashcroft, b. 1914 Approx, (son of William Alexander Ashcroft and Rose Smith) ref: 868, occupation Footman.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i William Alexander Ashcroft b. 18-Sep-1933, Peggy's Mill, Cramond Bridge, Edinburgh, ref: 925.<o ":p">

ii Seaman Fred Ashcroft b. 18-Sep-1936, Primrose Terrace, Edinburgh, ref: 926.<o ":p">

iii Fred Ashcroft b. 10-Feb-1939, Royal Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh, ref: 927.

Fifth Generation<o ":p">

21. Marjory MacDonald Seaman b. 7-Dec-1931, Nursing Home, Tweed Green, Peebles, ref: 265, m. 16-Sep-1955, in Dunbarney Parish Church, Bridge of Earn, Charles Martin Seaman, b. 13-Nov-1931, 23 Alexander Street, Cowdenbeath, Fife, (son of David Martin Seaman and Jane Caithness) ref: 264, occupation Mining Engineer.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Joy MacDonald Caithness Seaman b. 3-May-1957, 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow, ref: 266, occupation Teacher, m. Andrew Jackson, ref: 276.<o ":p">

35. ii David Martin b. 1-Dec-1958.<o ":p">

22. Charles Donald Mcdonald Seaman b. 8-Oct-1936, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, ref: 3, occupation Aluminium Caster, m. 23-Nov-1960, in Edinburgh,, Winifred Margareta Mackenzie, b. 21-Dec-1940, Inverness,, (daughter of George Gordon Mackenzie and Isabella Charleson McLeod) ref: 4, occupation Shop Assistant.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Charles Gordon Seaman b. 5-Apr-1961, Edinburgh, Simpson Mem. Maternity Hosp., ref: 1, occupation Welder, m. 1-Aug-1992, in Alloa, St. Mungo,s R.C. Church, Dr. Fiona Margaret Bowie, b. 15-Mar-1971, Stirling Maternity Home., (daughter of David Bowie and Margaret Smiley) ref: 2, occupation Medical Doctor.<o ":p">

36. ii George Roderick b. 12-Feb-1965.<o ":p">

23. Gordon Miller Seaman b. 7-Oct-1946, 10 Clachan Road, Ardersier, ref: 104, occupation Sales Rep., m. (1) 9-Aug-1968, in West Church, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Catherine Hardie, b. 1947 Approx, (daughter of Ian Hamish Spalding Hardie and Margaret Jane Mackenzie) ref: 268, occupation School Teacher, m. (2) Angela, ref: 270.<o ":p">

Children by Catherine Hardie:<o ":p">

i Andrew Seaman ref: 269.<o ":p">

Children by Angela:<o ":p">

ii Claire Seaman b. 1-May-1983, ref: 271.<o ":p">

iii Scott Seaman b. 22-May-1984, ref: 272.<o ":p">

24. Charles Martin Seaman (See marriage to number 21.)<o ":p">

25. Betty Melville Caithness Seaman b. 18-Feb-1937, 7 Montrose Crescent, Lochore, Fife, ref: 672, occupation Machine Operator, m. 24-Sep-1960, in Castlehill Church, Campbletown, Argyll, Peter MacMillan, b. 1932 Approx, (son of Neil MacMillan and Nan Ann MacAulay) ref: 709, occupation Electrician.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Leslie McMillan ref: 710, d. -Aug-1994, Tillicoutry, Stirlingshire, Scotland.<o ":p">

ii Shona McMillan ref: 711.<o ":p">

26. Brian Charles Joseph Seamens b. 28-Feb-1952, Royal Infirmary, Perth, ref: 706, occupation Stocktaker, m. 14-Jun-1979, in Parish Church, Falkirk, Marion Margaret Reid, b. 12-Mar-1953, (daughter of William McVey Sneddon Reid and Agnes Watt Ferguson Gibb) ref: 707, occupation Librarian.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Robert Neil Liam Seamens b. 27-Dec-1988, Royal Infirmary, Falkirk, ref: 708.<o ":p">

27. James Walton ref: 1111, m. Susan Bridges, ref: 1152.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i James Walton ref: 1153, m. Robin Stancil, ref: 1164.<o ":p">

37. ii Heather.<o ":p">

38. iii Stephanie Dean.<o ":p">

28. Steven H. Walton b. USA, ref: 1110, m. Sue Guinn, ref: 1156.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

39. i Margaret Elizabeth.<o ":p">

ii Angela Marie Walton ref: 1158.<o ":p">

29. John B. Walton ref: 1147, m. Susan Schuitz, ref: 1159.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Matthew Walton ref: 1160.<o ":p">

30. David Bett Seaman b. 9-Sep-1935, 5 Long Row, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 888, occupation Mechanical Engineer, m. 19-Jun-1959, in North Parish Church, Dunfermline, Fife, Rachel Duffy Fleming, b. 1936 Approx, (daughter of Alexander Fleming and Rachel Duffy) ref: 896, occupation Clerical Assistant.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Seaman b. 27-Dec-1961, Obuasi, Ghana, ref: 897.<o ":p">

ii Seaman b. 27-Dec-1961, Obuasi, Ghana, ref: 898.<o ":p">

iii David Alexander Seaman b. 20-Sep-1966, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 964.<o ":p">

31. Charles Taylor Seaman b. 8-Mar-1937, 5 Long Row, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 889, occupation Farmer, m. 4-Jan-1973, in Registras Office, Burntisland, Fife, Helen Louise Whitecross, b. 28-Dec-1943, Uphall, Midlothian, (daughter of Richard Whitecross and Hilda Maud Rogerson) ref: 917, occupation Farm Worker.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Charles Seaman b. 3-Jul-1973, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, ref: 918.<o ":p">

ii Tracy Louise Seaman b. 11-Apr-1977, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 971.<o ":p">

iii Rachel Elizabeth Seaman b. 5-Sep-1983, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 972.<o ":p">

32. Laurence Manson Seaman b. 11-May-1964, Dunbar Hospital, Thurso, Caithness, ref: 905, occupation Taxi Opperator, m. 11-May-1990, in Registras Office, Wick, Caithness, Andrea Kay McKinnon Sutherland, b. 6-Dec-1968, (daughter of James Sutherland and Elizabeth Beasley Davidson) ref: 908, occupation Typist.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Adam James Seaman b. 25-Mar-1992, Caithness General Hospital, Wick, ref: 909.<o ":p">

ii Laurence Aidan Seaman b. 5-Aug-1993, Caithness General Hospital, Wick, ref: 910.<o ":p">

33. David Storrar Henderson Allan Seaman b. 13-Jun-1943, 12 Kennard Street, Lochgelly, Fife, ref: 929, occupation Bricklayer, m. (1) 21-Jul-1962, in Dunfermline Reg. Office, Fife, Catherine Thomson Tawney, b. 1944 Approx, (daughter of David Roy Tawney and Margaret Bell Fleming) ref: 1003, occupation Hosiery Factory Worker, m. (2) 4-Mar-1967, in Kirkcaldy Registras Office, Fife, Jeanette Archibald Gay, b. 1947 Approx, (daughter of George Gay and Jessie Parish) ref: 959, occupation Carpet Factory Worker.<o ":p">

Children by Jeanette Archibald Gay:<o ":p">

i Lorraine Jeanette Seaman b. 15-Apr-1967, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 960.<o ":p">

ii Yvonne Seaman b. 18-Apr-1971, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 961.<o ":p">

34. Robert Young Duffy Seaman b. 18-Nov-1954, 75 Martin Crescent, Ballingry, Fife, ref: 930, occupation Machine Setter, m. (1) 7-Jul-1973, in North Church, Kelty, Linda Ann Wilson, b. 28-Mar-1954, Dunfermline, Fife, ref: 931, occupation Electrical Factory Worker, and Connie Lavin, ref: 973.<o ":p">

Children by Linda Ann Wilson:<o ":p">

i Robert Young Duffy Seaman b. 8-Dec-1974, Maternity Hospital, Dunfermline, ref: 932.<o ":p">

Children by Connie Lavin:<o ":p">

ii Adelle Seaman b. 24-Oct-1982, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 974.<o ":p">

iii Ashlea Duffy Seaman b. 11-Nov-1983, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 975.<o ":p">

iv Stacey Seaman b. 27-Apr-1985, Maternity Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, ref: 976.<o ":p">

Sixth Generation<o ":p">

35. David Martin Seaman b. 1-Dec-1958, 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow, ref: 267, occupation Policeman, m. Karen, ref: 273.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Stewart James Seaman b. 16-May-1985, ref: 274.<o ":p">

ii Matthew Seaman b. 20 Mar 1987, ref: 275.<o ":p">

36. George Roderick Seaman b. 12-Feb-1965, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, ref: 5, occupation Lift Engineer, m. 8 Jun 1996, in Kings College Chapel, Old Aberdeen., Kim Edith Adams, (daughter of Douglas Adams and Edith) ref: 1113, occupation Doctor.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Lewis Scott Seaman b. 22/04/1997, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, ref: 1171.<o ":p">

37. Heather Walton ref: 1154, m. Robert Shuman, ref: 1165.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Katelyn Shuman ref: 1166.<o ":p">

38. Stephanie Dean Walton ref: 1155, m. Joseph Sells, ref: 1167.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Samantha Sells ref: 1168.<o ":p">

39. Margaret Elizabeth Walton ref: 1157, m. James Nix, ref: 1169.<o ":p">

Children:<o ":p">

i Stephen MacLean Nix ref: 1170.<o ":p">

<o ":p">