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Arrachogaidh (Shaw's [Gaelic and English Dictionary], 1780) : the first hound that gets wind of, or comes up to the deer

Our hounds are Scottish Deerhounds and Irish Wolfhounds.

Located in Larbert, Scotland, we breed puppies occasionally and like all responsible breeders are very particular where they go.

2011 Oct 1st Deerhound Club 125 Anniversary Limited Show, Alva

We are all Pet Lifesavers with the Pet Blood Bank

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Artney & Tara

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Scottish Deerhounds

HOLLY (Bitch) 26.09.15 ~

LOGAN (Dog) 11.11.13 ~

BELLA (Bitch) 09.01.10 ~


Irish Wolfhounds

MUIRENN (Bitch) 28.06.14 ~


Rainbow Bridge

TARA (Bitch) 13.05.03 ~10.11.14

ARTNEY (Dog) 02.08.06 ~25.11.14

AILIDH (Bitch) 28.09.05 ~27.05.13

XENA (Bitch) 1.12.99 ~ 11.06.03

Jenny (Bitch) 13.05.98 ~ 19.12.06

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